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iced ginger pear
white tea
A quietly exotic and alluring blend of Pai Mu Tan white tea and juicy pear, balanced with notes of soft ginger for a divine thirst quencher.
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iced ginger pear five-over-ice
iced ginger pear five-over-ice
5 pyramid infusers
iced ginger pear tea over ice event box
iced ginger pear tea over ice event box
40 pyramid infusers
$80.00   sale: $70.00
iced ginger pear
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Steeping Guidelines
Steep for 5 minutes or longer, 175°F.
Flash chill by pouring over ice.
ginger, sweet blackberry leaves, lemon balm, white tea, natural apple flavor, pear pieces, natural pear flavor, mallow flowers, natural orange flavor
Caffeine Level
Low in Caffeine
Low in Caffeine
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