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Dolce Vita
Dolce Vita

Dolce Vita Collection

Savor the sweet life
Our dessert teas just may be the perfect way to enjoy sweet cravings without the guilt. We searched the globe for its most inspired ingredients: intoxicating cinnamon, rich cacao beans and luscious raspberries. Naturally sweet, nearly calorie-free and filled with antioxidants.
Included tea types: Herbal Tea, Black Tea
Included teas and descriptions below
Perfect For: Dinner parties. Anytime treats. Friends with a sweet tooth.
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Ribbon Box
dolce vita ribbon box
20 pyramid infusers with four pyramid infusers each: Belgian Mint, Coco Truffle, Orchid Vanilla, Raspberry Nectar & Vienna Cinnamon
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teas in this collection:
Belgian Mint
Belgian Mint { Herbal Tea Tea }
A decadent, full-bodied infusion with the taste of dark chocolate sublimely fragrant with the enticement of mint. Seductively delicious, this cup is a great substitute for dessert.
Coco Truffle
Coco Truffle { Herbal Tea Tea }
A deeply rich chocolate brew, airy with fennel, licorice and cardamom to produce a soothing, guilt-free indulgence. Seductively delicious, this is a confectionary cup that delights the palate and treats the soul.
Orchid Vanilla
Orchid Vanilla { Black Tea Tea }
Exceptional black tea leaves blended with Madagascar vanilla and delicate shavings of tropical coconut. Delicious and creamy with a floral bouquet, this cup offers the enchanting flavor of an island getaway.
Raspberry Nectar
Raspberry Nectar { Herbal Tea Tea }
The sweet juicy taste of garden-ripe raspberries is beautifully blended with a flowering of tropical hibiscus petals. Steeps a full-flavored, delectable cup. Wonderful when served over ice.
Vienna Cinnamon
Vienna Cinnamon { Black Tea Tea }
Naturally sweet cinnamon blended with the finest black tea creates a spicy-sweet balance that surprises and satisfies while cleansing the palate.