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rare tea ~ cupping table

about rare tea

Tea Forté Rare Teas are special edition, handcrafted teas that we are able to aquire only in limited quantities. Our small batch Rare Tea line affords us an opportunity to extend your tea journey. These teas showcase the delicate and subtle overtones that make fine tea as complex as fine wine.

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Golden Monkey
Famously comprised of one leaf and one bud.
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Slight and sweet with a balanced, delicate finish.
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Toasty flavor and smoky, intense aroma.
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Long Jing
Soft, floral fragrance suggesting freshly cut grass.
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Silver Needles
Classic fine white tea from China
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Tie Guan Yin
Buttery notes of nectar with sweet orchid flower accents.
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White Darjeeling
A delicate taste and exquisite fragrance.
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